Anaesthesia Apparatus

Anaesthesia ApparatusAnaesthesia is not all about injections but much more about inhaling. The complex nature of anaesthesia gives a need for a meticulously designed anaesthesia apparatus. That’s again complex in nature. Pressurized gases are passed through a vaporizer with cylinders and pipelines comprising anaesthesia apparatus to maintain their flow rate and to deliver the resulting mixture of gases to the patient though the breathing circuit. D4 Surgicals (India) Pvt. Ltd. offers anaesthesia apparatus for simplified operation. The anaesthesia machines mainly comprise three components:

  • Ultrasonic Cleaner : The appropriate mixture of gases, majorly comprised of oxygen and nitrous oxide, is mixed with one of the anaesthetic reagent in accurate amount and then vaporized for the inhalation.
  • Circuit :It is the breathing component of anaesthesia apparatus that controls the flow rate of mixed gases.
  • Ventilator :It is the breathing device that automatically takes the inflation & deflation of patient’s lungs in a pattern.

The other components that furnish our anaesthesia machines are gas supplying hoses, pressure gauges, valves, rota-meters, vaporizers, gas outlets, oxygen flush, suction, gas supply failure alarms and other monitoring devices. The anaesthesia apparatus is manufactured at the state of art manufacturing unit under the surveillance of quality assurance team to ensure precise and reliable machine. The highly accurate apparatus is installed in many reputed hospitals & medical centers situated in India as well as overseas.  We are able to handle the bulk orders placed by UK clients that prove our manufacturing proficiency with respect to productivity and quality.  Being the leading manufacturers of anaesthesia machines we are outstandingly catering the basic requirements:

  • Supplying compressed gases :
  • Measuring gas flow
  • Mixing vapors in accurate concentrations.
  • Carrying gases & vapors to patient through breathing system.
  • Excluding waste.
  • Monitoring machine as well as patient.

Like swarming bees there are numerous manufacturers for anaesthesia machines but what separates us from the mass is our robust technology and exclusive safety features:

  • Independent pipelines with non interchangeable outlets.
  • Identifiable pipelines and cylinders through proper color coding.
  • Incorporating Pin Index System.
  • Accurate pressure gauges for gases.
  • Identifiable rotameters through proper color coding.
  • Emergency oxygen flush feature.
  • Alarm warning oxygen failure.
  • Vaporizer filters
  • Interlink device for oxygen & nitrous oxygen
  • Special oxygen rotameter on sides.
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