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AutoclavesAutoclave is a means to sterilize the equipments. The scientific product heats the aqueous solution above its boiling temperature at normal atmospheric pressure to create excessive pressure in order to sterilize the objects. D4 Surgicals (India) Pvt. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer & exporter of autoclaves situated in India. We are open to meet the requirements of international market relative to productivity and quality measures as we have been exporting autoclaves to UK, the giant economy. Our range includes Automatic Autoclaves, Stainless Steel Autoclave, Portable Vertical Autoclave, Portable Autoclave Aluminum, Horizontal Cylindrical High Pressure Steam Sterilizer, Horizontal Rectangular High Pressure Bulk Steam Sterilizer, Horizontal Rectangular High Pressure Steam Sterilizer and Vertical Autoclave. Being we are the autoclave suppliers you are free to give us your particular specifications for us to tailor an exclusive model of autoclave for you.

Automatic Autoclaves are becoming more common than the manual as these are easier to use with timers for process time and other keys for setting the time. There are any other features like membrane type splash-root switches to set the other parameters. The convenient model of Automatic Autoclaves Machine is user friendly. At the same time the process of automatic autoclaves & other autoclaves remain same. The steps include air removal, downward displacement, steam pulling, steam pulsing, vacuum pump and activated superatmospheric & subatmospheric pressures to sterilize the tool equipment placed in it. Throughout designing the product our aim remains one i.e. to provide an environment friendly product that ensures efficiency and safety. Let us review the salient features of our automatic autoclaves to answer your most important query Why us?:

  • Rapid Cycle optimizing sterilization time
  • Long lasting & highly durable product
  • User friendly with seven segment display
  • Sensors for temperature & Pressure
  • Water level sensors
  • Monitoring system with alarms for the effective use of equipment

D4 Surgicals (India) Pvt. Ltd. uses the finest manufacturing techniques fused with the latest technology in order to serve the customers with improved products. The automatic autoclaves manufactured by us are widely used by diverse industries like medicine, biosciences, body piercing, dentistry, podiatry, metallurgy, veterinary sciences, etc. With the voicing demand of sterilization the scope of automatic autoclaves machine is on the peak. Partner with us to treat the patients with the tools sterilized with the most efficient autoclave and win their trust. We promise the state of art sterilization solutions that deliver quality.

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