Hospital Couches

Hospital couches are similar to hospital tables but are designed with additional accessories when compared to a hospital table. Tables have a foam mattress on top with sturdy legs for support and provisions to attach additional equipment. Couches, on the other hand, have a foam mattress on top and have cabinets for their body. We as a hospital couch manufacturer provide mini trolleys with the couches. We are a famous hospital couch manufacturer and supplier in UK.

Unlike hospital tables, hospital couches do not have provisions to attach equipment such as I.V. rods. A couch is primarily used for examining patients who visit their medical consultants. The mattress of a hospital couch is made of thick foam, which provides maximum comfort when a person lies on it.

The attached cabins of hospital couches allow medical consultants to store a number of medical equipments such as gloves, needles, syringes, and vital first aid accessories at hands reach. A stool is provided as an accessory to the couch for the patients to get on the couch and get down in an easy, relaxed manner. Renowned hospital couch manufacturers, such as D4 Surgicals, ensure that the couches are designed to meet the varied requirements of patients.

There are two types of hospital couches:

Clinical Couches

Hospital CouchsUCouches used by doctors in their consulting room to examine patients are known as clinical couches. These couches provide a safe and reliable platform for patients to lie on as doctors check on them. Clinical couches are usually fixed in a position and are not meant to be moved around.

Gynecological Couches

Couches that are specifically used by gynecologists are known as gynecological couches. The top portion of these couches rest at a 45-degree angle with a flexible lower portion.

Apart from Gynec examine couches we also make medical and surgical couches.

We are a renowned hospital couch manufacturers in UK and we manufacture hospital couches that meet international standards.

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