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Hospital lockers are a kind of hospital equipment that is used often by patients and medical staff, but does not occupy the center of our attention. They sit quietly near a bedside or in the corner of a room waiting to provide safe storage to any kind of content. We as a renowned hospital lockers manufacturer in UK, design lockers in a manner that they are safe, sturdy and are also attractive.

Hospital lockers primarily provide a moisture free and sanitized storage space for valuable items such as medicines, medical equipment, or things that belong to a patient. A typical hospital locker would have open storage spaces and closed compartments. The closed compartments are fitted with locks. We as a hospital lockers manufacturer construct the lockers with metal and ABS materials.

Rollers are fitted at the bottom of the hospital lockers, which allow the lockers to be transported from one room to another. If the lockers need to be kept stationary in a room, the rollers are fitted with levers that lock the rollers in place. The top portion of a typical hospital licker is flat in nature and serves as an additional open storage space.

There are two main types of hospital lockers:

Bedside Lockers

Hospital LockersUsually placed next to a hospital bed, bedside lockers allow patients to store their belongings in a safe manner. The lockers can be used for storing medicine that a patient may regularly take, and other medical supplies. Bedside lockers can also add a dash of color and aesthetic to a medical ward.

Hospital Cabinets

Lockers that contain two or three shelved compartments fitted with locks fall under the broad category of hospital cabinets. They are used to store medical equipment and files.

Apart from hospital lockers, we also make bedside cabinets, ABS cabinet, and medicine cabinet.

We are a leading hospital lockers manufacturer in UK. We use only premium metal and ABS body materials in the production process of hospital beds.

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