Operation Theatre Tables (OT Tables)

In the operation theatre, every little bit counts. From the tiniest surgical instrument, to the OT Table, each element is a crucial factor for the patient’s well being. Once anesthetized and being operated on, the patient completely depends on the expert hands of the doctors and nurses in the room. The medical staff conducting the operation in turn depends on the quality of equipments and medicines they have. This is where Indian surgical equipment manufacturers were in the back seat till recently.

Operation Theatre Tables (OT Tables)Today, some of the best suppliers of healthcare products are Indian companies, and they even export to Europe and across Asia. Their production values and quality are getting better every day. In a sensitive scenario like an operation theatre in progress, D4 Surgicals (India) Pvt. Ltd. understands the necessary risks the doctors and medical personnel take. This is why we ensure that each of our surgical and medical products is of the highest grade.

From our specially designed and fully equipped operation tables, to our range of surgical equipments; we at D4 Surgical ensure that our medical and surgical products are tested and graded as the best. Some of our products are –

  • Operation Tables
  • OT Lights
  • OT Fumigators
  • Suction Units
  • Medical Disposables
  • Anesthetic Apparatus
  • Electrosurgical Generators
  • Surgical Instruments

There are many variations of operation tables used today. From the complicated C-Arm OT tables for intricate cardiac and neurology operations, to simple small and emergency surgery operation tables; each of our products are certified by international bodies for their quality and reliability. Even as internationally connected manufacturers and suppliers, D4 Surgicals has very consumer friendly prices, allowing even smaller healthcare facilities to equip themselves with world class equipments. This has opened new doors to health care, as D4 Surgicals (India) Pvt. Ltd. also supplies the most sensitive new healthcare technology to third world countries in the best prices possible. This allows even the poorest places in the world to have the best in medical equipments and furniture.

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