Suction Units

Suction units have multiple uses in any hospital. This kind of electric suction apparatus must be kept in ambulances, present in the operation theater, available in the emergency room, and be available in an intensive care ward. Without reliable suppliers of such important equipment, no hospital can be complete. They are used for a lot of functions in medical procedures

Removal of Blood

Suction UnitDuring an operation, suction machines are used to remove the excess blood let out during the surgery. These medical suction machines are also used to drain internal hemorrhaging, when blood is clotting up inside the body. Good manufacturers also provide various kinds of nozzles to the machine for these purposes.

Removal of Mucus

When a patient’s airways are blocked, the suction machines are used as a pulmonary toilet. It clears the air passage way by sucking up and draining the excess mucus and fluids. In case there has been pulmonary edema, such suction units can also help remove the excess fluid collection in the lungs.

Removal of Stomach Contents

In the instance of poisoning, or over dosage of any kind, a suction unit is used to drain the contents of the stomach. Sometimes, they are used to clear up the vomit forcing its way up involuntarily in some patients. Without these suction units, the patients could choke on their own vomit, or die of poisoning. Suction machines are not vacuum cleaners – you just don’t buy them off the market. These are specialized medical equipments that ensure fluid and semi–solid material drainage from the body without the fear of contamination or injury. This is why they must be bought from reliable suppliers, preferably directly from the manufacturers of suction machines. We are one of the largest suction unit manufacturers and exporters of medical equipments, bringing India to the forefront in this very vital industry.

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