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Ultrasonic Cleaning is an eco-friendly process replacing the obsolete vapor cleaning with the aqueous one. The process has evolved from the innovative invention of Ultrasonic cleaner which can clean the tiniest cervices and hardest penetrating areas with its careful technology. Pizeo Ceramic Transducer is the magic stick of ultrasonic cleaner that changes its size when subject to electricity. It creates compression & refraction waves resulting in vacuum that forms the principle of ultrasonic cleaning process. Ultrasonic cleaner is also called steam cleaner as it degasses the solution forming the cavitations’ i.e. vacuum in the form of bubble. D4 Surgicals (India) Pvt. Ltd. is the renowned manufacturer of Ultrasonic cleaner that has been reckoned by its presence in the leading economies like UK.

At D4 Surgicals (India) Pvt. Ltd. technology breathes through vigorous experimentation and excellent innovations. We keep a keen eye on customer needs and bring a complete solution to delight him. Our ultrasonic cleaner is an absolute surgical instrument steam cleaner. Other than this we do manufacture other types of ultrasonic cleaners to cater the needs of diverse industries. Single tank and multiple tank ultrasonic cleaners are available with us under a single roof. We also offer automation model to clean a substance part by part. Definitely a word of mouth with customer is necessary to understand his needs for us to design a specific model of ultrasonic cleaner. Yes! We tailor a master piece for your customized needs.

The most complex structure of the world can also be cleaned efficiently with ultrasonic cleaner. Proving it to be the most appropriate cleaning system it is used in many industries. D4 Surgicals (India) Pvt. Ltd. bundles the applications of ultrasonic cleaner in categories like printing industry (to clean printing machines), medical centers (to clean surgical tools, orthopedic implants & instruments, lens, endoscope tubes, etc), armory segment (to clean weapons like rifles, shotguns, etc), automobile sector (to clean the complex parts of vehicles) and lastly the jewelry industry (for cleaning diamonds & other jewels to look brand new forever).We cater the requirements of all the above industries in addition to educational institutes.

Our reputation in the international market is laudable because of our commitment with quality. Being the manufacturer we have full control over quality as we ensure no product goes untested by quality control staff into the hands of customer. Experience the thrill of technology with us.

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