Wheel Chairs

When a person is incapable of walking properly, or immobile due to an accident or injury, wheel chairs become an indispensable necessity. These may be motorized or manual according to their need in your situation, and you must choose the right manufacturers. A bad wheel chair can actually delay and hamper recovery rather than aid it. This is why you should be careful in choosing suppliers with international clientele and quality certifications from the right government and international bodies.

Electric WheelchairsHospital

Wheel ChairsThese are most often used for the aged or disabled who have lost their ability to walk permanently. They are costly, and are usually battery powered. These automatic wheel chairs may cost quite a bit, but are in fact quite vital in many cases. At an advanced age where walking becomes difficult, or in cases of physical disability to walk; such motorized chairs allow people to have freedom of movement. People always feel the need for independence, and electric wheelchairs allow just that.

Manual Wheel Chairs

These models are hand driven; either by rolling the wheel directly or a cycle paddle in front for hand – cycling the motion. Manual wheel chairs today are mostly foldable, and can be carried around in the back of a car. They are light and yet designed to perfectly relax the patient; thus helping in speedy recovery. Unlike electric wheelchairs, manual wheel chairs don’t cost much, and are often used for short term usage like post injury recovery period, or in – hospital movement for seriously ill patients.

Quality Concerns

One of the main concerns today is about the quality of wheelchairs available in the market. Many local companies may be in the production of hospital equipment, but D4 Surgicals (India) Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most reputed suppliers of medical products in India. Local manufacturers rarely provide you the quality and range you seek; and as an internationally recognized brand name, D4 Surgicals has products of various prices and designs. You can choose from a host of electric wheelchairs or manual wheel chair models, each perfectly designed to provide the patient maximum comfort.

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