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D4 Surgicals (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted name associated with quality, in the field of manufacturing and exporting of hospital furniture and medical equipments. We are one of the fast growing companies in this segment and through the course of time, we have understood each and every requirement of Hospital in terms of furniture and surgical equipments. This is the reason that we offer turnkey business to national and international distributors, exporters as well as hospitals. Our aim is to keep pace with the ever-changing demands and latest developments hence we provide comfortable and advanced hospital furniture.

We manufacture and supply the quality medical / hospital furniture and surgical instruments for over three decades. Our product range includes Hospital Beds, Tables, Trolleys, Bed-side Lockers, Folding Wheel Chair, Orthopedic Implants, Suction Apparatus, Autoclaves, etc.

We have created a benchmark in this industry for quality of medical equipments and hospital furniture. Making use of advanced technologies, we constantly look forward to manufacture better products. Our clientele include many reputed companies, hospitals and clinics in India, UK, USA, Germany and other Asian countries. However, we have concrete expansion plans reaching to other continents.


Our Endeavour

D4 Surgicals (India) Pvt. Ltd. has been significantly contributing for your health care by manufacturing, and exporting advanced hospital furniture and medical equipments. We keep patients comfort as our priority while designing the products and we aim to create a hassle free environment during all medical procedures.


Our Commitment

Our commitment is to offer best quality products in terms of aesthetics, simplified operation, reliability, durability and high service ability. As we deal in life saving equipment, we are also concerned about quick service. We have developed a wide network comprising distributors and transporters in order to make our products available in the minimum possible time. We provide prompt export services to UK, UAE and other European countries.


In-depth Market Knowledge

We are completely aware of the need of the developing countries in the field of mass health care. We have all the recourses and facilities available with us to meet all the demands of our clients located in any part of the world. We have professionals associated with us who track each and every development in the medical field and try to utilize the information in making our products better and best. Before commencing any task- we conduct research and survey, collect feedback, ensure a healthy hygienic environmental planning and prepare details of each section and departments.


Our Management Team

We have an efficient team of qualified & experienced professionals, who are ready to take on any challenge. The team comprises - doctors who are qualified in hospital projects and planning, architects with relevant experience in hospital projects and technical personnel. All our professionals posses experience ranging from 2 to 4 decades in medical field. We provide high standards surgical equipments at attractive prices and we provide quick response to the queries sent by customers.


We Maintain Hygienic Environment

A clean and safe environment is necessary in every step of production and supply for health care and medical products. The coating of equipment is done under safe conditions and we ensure safe storage of materials and chemicals used in the manufacturing process.


We Maintain Hygienic Environment

  • Total furniture and equipment solutions for small as well as big hospitals.
  • Hospital management software.
  • Specially designed projects for third world countries where cost effectiveness is a major concern.
  • We have an efficient, well-documented and controlled manufacturing & marketing systems for all hospital furniture and other equipment.
  • Assisting organizations (public or private) to set up small hospitals ensuring health care for all.
  • Project management- turnkey, blue print to product supply.
  • Assistance in establishing small and medium hospitals
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